Colorado Livestock Buildings by Lester Buildings

Sapphire Construction, Inc. offers custom-designed modern Colorado Livestock Buildings by Lester Buildings. Top-quality, post-frame pole barns are precisely engineered to accommodate the unique challenges of dairy, beef, and hog production. Special Livestock Buildings assist producers to achieve high productivity, store and maintain equipment, raise healthy animals, and manage waste. They can also be expanded in the future.

Gallery of Customized Colorado Livestock Buildings

Colorado Beef Cattle Barn
Colorado Calf housing Barn
Colorado Pig Hog Building
Colorado Sheep Barn

Dairy Freestall Barn
Colorado Beef Barn
Open Front Beef Barn
Colorado Alpaca Barn


Livestock Barns by Lester Buildings incorporate 65 years of expertise. The result is:

  • Hallmark Engineering
  • Structural Integrity
  • Long-Term Value

Dairy Barns

Sapphire Construction offers small single buildings, expansions, as well as large, multi-site dairy barns used by commercial-style operations. Thanks to Lester Buildings’ long time experience with dairy farms, we are able to offer excellent engineering expertise. When compared to other options, our Livestock Buildings are an excellent value offering a great long-term ROI.

We have experience with large and complex multi-building operations geared towards large herds. Our Livestock Barns for dairy operations feature rugged materials as required for full-time free stall facilities. The buildings provide excellent ventilation for the health of the animals and workers. For example, Dairy Freestall, Dairy Calf Housing, and Dairy Parlor and Holding.

Beef Barns

The engineering of monoslope beef barns provide several elements necessary to a smooth beef operation. They feature structural integrity and spacious shelter areas. A long-span central header helps to reduce the number of interior columns and facilitate waste conversion. The layout is flexible. Pens, gates, and expansions can be accommodated. To allow for cross ventilation and air flow, the buildings have open sides.

Hog Barns

Sapphire Construction, Inc. offers options to ensure safety and health of animals and workers while increasing productivity. Our team of designers, contractors, architects, and builders helps clients put in areas for breeding and gestation, borrowing, nurseries, and finishing. Hog operations require specific facilities. The designs are flexible, allowing clients to select the best layout and ventilation systems. Clients also decide on preferred materials including specialty materials such as insulation that endures environments with high moisture levels.

Business Areas

Livestock Buildings may also feature adjacent facilities for management. These may include offices, employee break rooms, restrooms, showers, and places to store records.

Pole Barns Available through Sapphire Construction, Inc.

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